Drive a Pistenbully

 300,00 EUR

Become a child again as you sit at the controls of a PistenBully snow groomer! Feel the machine’s 510 horsepower and the ease with which it can be operated. Thanks to its tracked chassis, the PistenBully is an all-terrain vehicle even in soft snow and has a tremendous drive. The feeling of driving effortlessly up and down even steep slopes is quite exceptional. If you prefer not to drive yourself, you can opt to ride as co-pilot to one of our Pistenbully drivers instead.


  • Independent travel to the glacier car park (25 minutes) – car toll included in the price
  • Meet: each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 4 pm at the Weißsee glacier restaurant with the PistenBully driver
  • PistenBully trip (approx. 1 hour) with short theoretical introduction
  • All participants receive a PistenBully driver’s licence and T-shirt as keepsakes
  • Don’t forget: warm clothing and sturdy shoes (no ski boots)
  • Participants must be of legal driving age in order to drive themselves
Please book your preferred date and time with Carmen Schuler via or +43 5475-5566